Friday, September 6, 2019

McRIB versus Popeyes ChicknSandwich


McDONALDS Answer to POPEYES and The CHICKEN SANDWICH WARS should be the McRib. There are Millions of fans of McDonalds tasty McRib Sandwich who just adore and can't get enough of it whenever they can get it, which is not often, since it's not on the permanent menu and is only available ever two years or so, which has had its legends of fans perplexed to the way McDonalds Corporation handles this much loved item.

If McDonalds wants to get in on the insanely hot craze of Fried Chicken Sandwiches, there anser should not be another chicken sandwich but the hugely popular McRib. It's always a Hot. "Do it McDonalds. We Miss our McRibs."

"WANT to MAKE a McRIB at HOME" ?


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