Friday, April 26, 2013


Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys & Girls Our Beloved TWINKIES Are Coming Back .. It hasn't been easy, living without our Favorite Sweet Snack Treat The "Twinkie" Twinkies ... No, Millions of Twinkie Lovers all over America were Crushed in November 2012 when the last beloved Cream Filled Sponge Cake Filled with Cream rolled off the line, and our Beloved TWINKIES were gone. They lasted on the shelves for a couple days, many hoarded whatever they could get their hands on. Boxes were selling on Ebay for hundreds of dollars and our beloved Twinkies were gone, No more. We were told it was temporary. Hostess went bankrupt and shut the company down, but they would be selling the beloved brand off. In comes Billionaire Dean Metropoulos, head of Metroupoulas Co., a company that has revived such icon brands as; Aunt Jemima, Bumblebee Tuna, Vlasik Pickes, and the much loved PBR Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. And I personally would like to "Thank" Mr. Metropoulos for doing these things, especially making Pabst strong and bring back our sorely missed and oh so loved Twinkies. I'd love to shake Mr. Metropoulos's hand and give him a great big hug, that's how happy I am. Millions of others too.
Yes our beloved Twinkies are coming back. They will be back this Summer of 2013, around mid July is the ear-marked Joyous Day for The Return of The TWINKIES ... Can The McRib be far behind? Recent history tell us the Mcrib should return, some time in the Fall of 2013, that's two joyous days to look forward to.
Want a great day out. Once the McRib comes back this fall, and Twinkies have already been on the shelves for months. Go to you local store and pick up a box of Twinkies. Hold on to them for dare life and make your way over to the nearest McDonalds. Get yourself a tasty McRib or two, savor and enjoy. What's not to love? Then for dessert, pull out a pack of Twinkies for dessert, and again, Enjoy! Then make your way to the nearest pub or bar that serves America's favorite beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and again savor and Enjoy! If you live in New York as I, where the price of beers or cocktails can be insanely high depending on the joint you go to, make sure you go and get a $3.00 PBR, or $4 or $5 the most, and yes, enjoy. Basta!

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