Saturday, April 20, 2013


Carbone gets 5 Stars from Time Out New York. But what is it worth, with Time Out's inept food writers of which I've found to be the most unreliable source along with Steve Cuozzo of The New York Post who along with Frank Bruni former New York Times food critic, New York's Two "Worst Ever Food Critics" writer of the most inaccurate unreliable restaurant reviews in New York History, are Cuozzo and Frank Bruni. "How The Hell did these guys ever get these Jobs," they are totally inept and unqualified when it comes to food. Just because someone can write, does not make them a food expert and these two 
"Never Were" and never will be. It mistifies me that The New York Times would give someone as inept as Bruni as concerns restaurants and food such an important job as The NY Times food critic. It baffles the mind, and makes one think that The New York Times doesn't always Print All The News that's fit to print, or they are "accurate?" Maybe not. Not always anyway and when it comes to things written by guys like Bruni. What a shame. If we can't trust The New York Times, who can we trust? 5 Stars from Time Out? I don't know ...

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