Thursday, April 4, 2013


The Pizza Empire Cousins (Cujinos) from Staten Island, New York getting a TV Show. Sal Basile and Fran Garcia of the wildly successful Artichoke Basile Pizza are the latest culinary guys to get their own show. Unlike many of the awful host of most of the Horrible Food Network, these guys have actually made something and are culinary professionals . They have a couple Pizzerias called Artichoke Basile Pizza. They opened Artichoke Basile Pizza on East 14th Street which was a huge instant success. Almost from day one, people have been lining up for the cousins Sal & Frans Pizza, and I do mean line-up literally, and day and night. Many celebs including Keith Richards, Gerad Butler, and Jim Carey are big fans of their Pizza. These guys work hard and put out a good product and the people love them. They have also opened a great sandwich shop that sells Pastrami and Roast Beef Sandwiches. Awesome!
Now the boys are getting their own TV Show on The Cooking Channel called Pizza Cuz. Sal and Fran will be traveling the country, checking out Pizzerias in Portland Oregon, Brooklyn (Pizza Capital of America), and Oakland, California and other spots around the country. Sounds like a great concept, as these guys know food, especially Pizza, they have personality, and passion, and this should be a winning combination on TV as it is in Fran and Sals establishments. We wish them well and are looking forward to the first episode. Buona Fortuna Sal and Fran.

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