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Monday, April 29, 2013


New York's Top Burger? I big question and one that will get a number of answers and some heated debate. Is it The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern? No way, and oh by-the-way, when it comes to Minetta and their Burgers, they have two the famed Black Label Burger and The Minetta Burger. Guess what? The Minetta Burger is much better.
New York's Best Burger, is it The Bistro Burger at The Corner Bistro which was voted new York's top Burger more than 30 and I would say is The babe Ruth of New York Burgers. Corner Bistro was thee Burger bar of Choice for a long time, way before the current Burger Craze which I think you can say satarted 5 or 7 years ago back around 2006  ... The Corner Bistro has been famous for it's burger since the 1970's ... The have a good burger, it's not great but good, but at just $6,50 and with $2.50 mugs of McSorley's Ale to go with it, the Corner Bistro, though no longer New York's Top Burger, it is though, New York's Top Burger & Beer Deal in the city.
New York's Best Burger, is it The Burger Joint? Nope, not even close. 
Well, I could go on even further  but I'll Spill The Beans here and now. New York's top Burger is at JG Melon. Or is it The Shake Shack. I don't know. Well, I do in a way. They're both # 1 in My Book. The Burger at JG Melon is awesome. It's tasty and quite possibly New York's Best, but then again I sometimes feel, it's Shake Shack. They're both excellent Burgers, that have  the true great burger taste. Both made from top quality meat and both cooked on Flat-Top Grills which is of utter importance in making a great burger. You can't make the Best Burger if you use a slotted grill or broiler to cook the burger. The Burgers must cook in their own fat on a Flat-Top Grill in order to reach the optimum tastiest burger taste possible. The burger needs to be completely browned and slightly crispy on every bit of surface on both sides of the burger. This browning  that caramelizes the beef and brings out all the tasty wonderful flavors can only be achieved in a Flat-Top Grill or pan. Those who use  a broiler or slotted grill will never acheive perfect bigger perfection no matter how hard they try, and the way that both the Shake Shack and JG Melon do. Shack Burger and JG Melon Burger are New York's Top and Best Burger, both tied for the Best.



Sunday, January 23, 2011

"CORNER BISTRO" BEST Cheeseburger # 1 in NEW YORK

Happy to see Corner Bistro's Burger can still make it to # 1 Best of New York list these days. I've been eating Cheeseburgers there since 1984. Yes 26 Years of Bistro Burgers. Back then, the Burger at the Corner Bistro was for Year-After-Year thee perennial favorite, # 1, Top, Best Burger in New York, rated by the Top and most Powerful food Authorities of the day, New York Magazine, The NY Times, Cue Magazine, The Post, The Village Voice, GQ, Bob Lape on 7's Eyewitness News, The Daily News, so on and so forth. Nine out of ten people, newspapers, and news agency's, The Bistro Burger was always "Tops," # 1. It no longer is. And it was tops for some 30 years. Quite a run. Sadly the quality of the Burger has gone down a bit, and there are numerous chemistry better, tastier Burgers in town. Shake Shack get my Vote for the Top, New York's best Burger, with Bills Bar and Burger and Peter Luger not far behind. But the Shake Shack Burger has all the proper elements that come together and make for perfect chemistry of, dear I say, "The Perfect Burger." Well if not the perfect Burger, New York's Best, or at least amongst the Best, everyone has their opinion. Some not as qualified as others. As I've been eating the East Coast's Best Burgers since childhood, and being a former Chef Culinary Professional, I have greater qualifications than most.
The Shake Shack Burgers elements that make it so good, are: Top Quality Beef, Just the right size and thickness, not too thin nor too thick, which unfortunately many think makes a burger is better, the thicker it is. Not so. A 6 oz., 3/4" Burger is Best and it has to be cooked on a Flat-Top Grill cooking in its own fat to qualify amongst the best. Cooking on a grated grill, just won't do. You'll often get terribly overcooked hard spots, losing all important beef fat for the burger to cook in. You'll need a good hamburger bun, toasted preferred, not too fancy, and a major No-No is the use of an English Muffin. Though i Love them for breakfast, English Muffins are a terrible choice, pairing to a Burger. the Burger has to be properly cooked
And one of thee most important rules to a great Burger, it can't cost more than $6.50, and about $4.50 is even better. The Shake Shake burger meets all these requirements, even exceeding them.
Back to the Bistro Burger. For nostalgias sake and Price to value ratio, combined with the great old New York Bar ambiance, The Bistro Burger always makes it on my Top 10 List. As the Post states, to be able to get a great burger for just $6.50 with Beers at $2.75 in one of New York's few remaining Bohemian Bars, and in Greenwich Village? A combination that just can't be beat.
by Daniel Bellino Zwicke