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Sunday, September 29, 2013



Chef Dominique Ansel

Shack Burger

A Foodie's Dream, it said on the Shake Shack Website, speaking of what was billed as
Cronut Concrete Day at The Shake Shack Flagship Madison Square Park location on September 17, 2013 to Benifit The NY Police Widows & Childrens Fund and The Madison Square Park Conservancy. Uber-Hot Pastry Chef of The Moment, the creator of the Uber famous Cronut, Chef Dominique Ansel joined forces with Danny Myer and Shake Shack combining what is arguably New York's Best and most beloved Burger Joint, The Shack Shack with 2013's Hottest Food Item and story the Cronut which is Half Donut & Half Croissant into one tasty little pastry. New Yorkers line up for both. They are both super tasty items that are at the top of their games, and both democratically affordable for just about anyone, with a Cronut going for $5.00 and a Shack Burger at just about 5 Bucks as well at $4.90 ...  They are both as tasty as can be, and I will  go on record for about the 20th time right hear and now, since we're speaking of it, The Shake Shack Burgers are without a doubt New York's Best, A # 1, Best Burgers in Town .. I don't care if you say it's The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern, "No Way," and actually thier less hyped Minetta Burger is the "better burger" at Minetta .. No, it's not The Brindel Burger which Josh Ozersky has now marked as his choice of NY'S # 1 Top Burger. No I like the Brindel Burger, but the Shack Burger has it beat for the true great American Burger. Yeah, I like the Burger at Peter Luger which is a sort of un-known secret and great value, but Shake Shack's Burger is better. I love PJ Clarke's and JG Melon is in my top 3 New York Burgers, but I'll still give an edge to Shake Shack. Well, there I go and said it again, Shake Shack Burger is the Best ..
Dam, I went off track there for a minute. Sorry, couldn't help it, when I'm on the subjects of Burgers and the awesome and wonderful Shake Shack.
Back to the Cronut and Cronut Concrete Day at the Shake Shack. The people at Shake Shack and Dominique Ansel, the Cronut Person put together a day to raise money for two great foundations, combining New York's Best Burger and NY'S Hottest new sweet dessert treat the Cronut. The Cronut offering was actually a collaborative effort combining Shake Shack's Butter Caramel Frozen Custard in a paper cup with Cinnamon Sugar Cronut Holes on top. Wow!
The day was a huge success with many happy fans of both items. And it has us wondering will Danny Myer be putting together a deal to bring the Cronut permanently to The Shake Shack? Hhmmm!!???? Would be interesting and quite wonderful. Time will tell ....

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Monday, April 29, 2013


New York's Top Burger? I big question and one that will get a number of answers and some heated debate. Is it The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern? No way, and oh by-the-way, when it comes to Minetta and their Burgers, they have two the famed Black Label Burger and The Minetta Burger. Guess what? The Minetta Burger is much better.
New York's Best Burger, is it The Bistro Burger at The Corner Bistro which was voted new York's top Burger more than 30 and I would say is The babe Ruth of New York Burgers. Corner Bistro was thee Burger bar of Choice for a long time, way before the current Burger Craze which I think you can say satarted 5 or 7 years ago back around 2006  ... The Corner Bistro has been famous for it's burger since the 1970's ... The have a good burger, it's not great but good, but at just $6,50 and with $2.50 mugs of McSorley's Ale to go with it, the Corner Bistro, though no longer New York's Top Burger, it is though, New York's Top Burger & Beer Deal in the city.
New York's Best Burger, is it The Burger Joint? Nope, not even close. 
Well, I could go on even further  but I'll Spill The Beans here and now. New York's top Burger is at JG Melon. Or is it The Shake Shack. I don't know. Well, I do in a way. They're both # 1 in My Book. The Burger at JG Melon is awesome. It's tasty and quite possibly New York's Best, but then again I sometimes feel, it's Shake Shack. They're both excellent Burgers, that have  the true great burger taste. Both made from top quality meat and both cooked on Flat-Top Grills which is of utter importance in making a great burger. You can't make the Best Burger if you use a slotted grill or broiler to cook the burger. The Burgers must cook in their own fat on a Flat-Top Grill in order to reach the optimum tastiest burger taste possible. The burger needs to be completely browned and slightly crispy on every bit of surface on both sides of the burger. This browning  that caramelizes the beef and brings out all the tasty wonderful flavors can only be achieved in a Flat-Top Grill or pan. Those who use  a broiler or slotted grill will never acheive perfect bigger perfection no matter how hard they try, and the way that both the Shake Shack and JG Melon do. Shack Burger and JG Melon Burger are New York's Top and Best Burger, both tied for the Best.