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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Souffle Mania to Hit New York


Souffle Mania? What? Yes "Souffle Mania" is about to hit New York. Chef Franics Staub (Le Coq Rico) has been mystified to the reasoning why the Souffle isn't more popular in New York, and he's looking to change that with his new namesake restaurant Francis Staub," in the former space of Les Halles, and the kitchen where Anthony Bourdain once ran. Yes it's hallow ground.

Staub and his Chef d Cusisine Richard Farnabe plan to have as many as 10 different Souffle choices on the menu, 5 savory and 5 sweet ones, which will range in price from $14 to $22 ... Chef Farnabe says that possible souffle options will be Lobster Souffle, Foe Gras Souffle ("Yumm"). Escargots, and of course a Chocolate one.  Bistro classics such as Escargots, Pate, Steak Frite, Dove Sole and other classics are sure to be on hand.

This all sounds most interesting. We wish Mr. Staub and his team well, and we're interested to see how this Souffle Thing will take. Bon Apettit.