Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fabricant at NY Times Missed Mark on McNally s Genius opening PASTIS



June 4, 2019

As I go about writing about Italian Food, food, bars, and the restaurant scene New York, Italy, Paris, Asian New Orleans, and the World, it never fails to amaze me how far ahead of the curve I am as opposed to other food writers with  a greater and faster knowledge of wine, restaurants, food trends than many food writers with high profile positions. People like former NY Times food-critics; Frank Bruni, Ruth Reichl , and especially Florence Fabricant who recently wrote about the re-opening of Keith McNally's (along w/ Stephen Starr) Pastis in the Meat Packing District, which Keith McNally created, though I'm quite certain Florence Fabricant doesn't know, and never made the analogy. In her piece she states, that the new Pastis is around the corner from the original one which has been closed for 5 years (lost lease). She states that the High Line and The Whitney Museum are now in the neighborhood, but Fabricant and just about ever other food / restaurant writer / critic out there are no doubt oblivious to the fact that, not only did Keith McNally create Tribeca, but he created what has become the boom of the Meat Packing District, a neighborhood that had but two high-profile restaurants in the neighborhood, which was more or less a restaurant waste land until McNally opened Pastis back in 1999. Florent and Macceleria were the only two restaurants in the neighborhood until McNally opened Pastis. Once he did, more restaurants began to sprout, and eventually there was an explosion of what the Meat Packing District is today, the hottest restaurant, night club, boutique hotel spot in all of New York, and all because Keith McNally, the "Restaurant Genius" that he is opened Pastis on 9th Avenue, the neighborhood exploded, and the rest is history.
Unlike the original Pastis, Keith McNally has a partner in his new Pastis is the form of famed Philadelphia / NY Restaurateur Stephen Starr ... From the looks of what I saw at the party tonight, The New Pastis should be just as big of a hit as the old one. Good Luck to Keith McNally and Wishing him well.

  Daniel Bellino Zwicke

  June 4, 2019

I first wrote an article on this fact back in October of 2012. Read my piece on how Keith McNally Created The Meatpacking District (Oct. 3, 2012 NY - Foodie ) ...  


The Original PASTIS

Created by Restaurant Genius Keith McNally


At NewYorkFoodie.com

The GENIUS Himself




As Many Celebrities Did


  EATER NY Pastis Reopening ..


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