Thursday, June 20, 2019

Best Carbonara in Rome & NewYork Spaghetti



Read about the best SPAGHETTI CARBONARA in Rome, Italy and good old New York City, the place to get the best Italian Food in America.

The 110 year old John's of 12th Street has been serving up great Italian food for more than 100 years to hungry New Yorker's. It's the place to get the Best Speedino alla Romano (Fried Mozzarella) in town, they serve up tasty Baked Clams , and yes one of the Best Plates of Spaghetti Carbonara in all of New York.

And with the original 110 year old decor still in tact, John's is a place not to be missed. Best Selling Italian Cookbook Author Daniel Bellino "Z" says "John's is a Living Museum Piece," that you don't just look at things, but live it. It's a shame more of these great Old School Italian Joints were not preserved. Specifically, Lanza's which was another 110 year old restaurant  (Sicilian) that was recently shut down ("A SIN") along with 112 year old DeRobertis Italian Pastry shop two doors away. "The City should not let these things happen," Bellino says. I wsih there had been a program put into place, wereby the city of New York would buy these buildings with old restaurants in them and lease the reestaurant spaces to capable restaurateurs to kkep the places going, "Places like Lanza's and DeRobertis should never Die. It's a dam shame, and a Sin that we lost those two places. Now, we can never get them back. Thank God, we still have John's. And Monte's over in Greenwich Village."




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