Sunday, December 16, 2012

The McRib Back In NEW YORK

YES BOYS and GIRLS, IT'S BACK! Had One Yesterday, and My Second Today ... What?
The "McRib" It's Back and I've Had two!!  This Is BETTER Than Christmas.

WHERE?  McDonalds on 6th Avenue Between 14th and 15th Streets in New York City ...
YES! NEW YORK NEW YORK !!! We've got The "McRib" BACK ! Oh HAPPY DAY! When The McRib Comes, Oh Yes McRib Has Come !

And Guess What? The Rolling Stones are Back Too! Wow, This Is Too Much Happiness, The Stones and The McRib Both Back and All in The Same Month December 2012, One of The Greatest Months of Any YEAR EVER !

"McRib" News FLASH !!! SUNDAY, December 16, 2012 The McRib Was Spotted at McDonalds on Broadway South of Astor Place (8th Street) Greenwich Village, New York, NY

The McRib 
Is Back in New York

Saturday, December 8, 2012


  The Big Guns of Italian Wine were out on the town again. Italian-Wine Guys Charles Scicolone and were spotted at the Italian trade Commissions Gala Wine Tasting in The Cotillion Room at the famed Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York drinking, Tasting and discussing their Favorite Italian Wines of the day, which included the likes of Sesti Chianti, Biondi Santi Brunello, Bertani Amarone, Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria, various Prosecco and other fine Italian Wines.
     Charles and Daniel are often spotted at most important Italian Wine Events in New York and Italy, including, The Annual Brunello Tasting, Vinitaly in Verona, Italy, New York Italian Wine Distributors, and The City's most important Italian-Tasting of the Year, The Tre Bicchieri Tasting in March of Italy's Top Wines of The Year.

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke 
and Charles Scicilone
at Pierre Hotel
New York, NY

Monday, December 3, 2012


  The Feast of The 7 Fish, a great new book, just in time for Christmas, and Italian-American Christmas at that. The Feast of The 7 Fish, or as it's know in its birth place of Southern Italy the "Vigilia" The Vigil is the great Italian Christmas Eve Ritual Meal of The 7 Fish that represent The Seven Sacraments of The Roman Catholic Church. Some believe the Seven Fish represent The 7 Days of Creation or The Seven Hills of Rome, but most go by the ethos that The 7 Fish represent The Seven Sacraments. So many Italians have this meal of 7 different fish on Christmas Eve, The Vigil, waiting for the Birth of The Baby Jesus.
    Many would be surprised to know that this great ritual is mostly practiced by Southern Italians and Italian Americans who the great majority are of the South. Well the surprise would come in the fact that many Italians in Italy have never heard of the Vigilia "The Feast of The 7 Fish."  These Italians are from Central Italy on up to the north. It is believed the Vigilia, the meal of The Feast of The 7 Fish was started in and around the great Southern Italian City of Naples (Napoli) and its environs and that its practiced most fervently in-and-around Napoli as well as most of the South including Apulia and Sicily.
   The Feast of The 7 Fish - An Italian-American Christmas Eve Feast by Daniel Bellino Zwicke is a wonderful knew book of this great Southern Italian and Italian-American Tradition. The book is filled with stories and recipes on the feast on a whole and individual dishes, and if you're looking to partake and make this wonderful meal, this book "The Feast of The 7 Fish" is just the ticket. It takes you every step of the way to the Feast and gives you suggestions on making The Feast with 7 different Fish in 7 courses, 7 Fish in 3 courses and various different routes to take, which make the meal simpler or a little more complex, depending on which route" you choose" to take. The book is delightful and a "Must Have" for anyone thinking of making this great meal (The Most Fabulous Christmas Meal in The World), whether it's your first time or you've done it before and are looking for new ideas and angles, Daniel Bellino Zwicke's "The Feast of The 7 Fish" is the ticket for you.

Joseph Cremona

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Wow! What's the World Coming to? No More Twinkies? can We live without The? Don't Think So! A lot of News about the Powers That Be Shutting Down The Hostess Twinkie Factory. Shutting Down Everything. No More Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes with The Little Swirl on Top. First Hurricane Sandy now this! What's Up? Weboxes of the Beloved Golden're Living in Tough Times. What We we do Without Our Beloved Twinkies? Don't Fret. Hostess will be selling off right to their brand products and it's certain someone will snatch-up to rights and "Prestige" or Non-Prestige to Make, Bake, and Sell This Beloved Icon of America, Americana, American Pop Culture, The Twinkie. Of Course the Twinkie Will Be Saved. Kraft Foods or Nabisco are sure to Snatch-Up this Prized Gem that Millions Love and Eat Daily.
    There has been a lot of News on the Twinkie, The Closing of Hostess Factories, The Shutting Down of the Company, and of Course, "What's to Become of The TWINKIE." Yes it will survive and be back soon, but for now boxes of The Beloved Golden Sponge Cake Filled with Cream, Twinkies are being Sold for Thousands of Dollars on Ebay and other sales avenues. Wow!
   in other Twinkie News, "The Dudes Big lebowski Recipe of Chocolate Kahlua Sauce Over Twinkies" has been revealed and is Available in The Dudes Big Lebowski Cookbook "GOT ANY KAHLUA" ? The Collected Recipes of THE DUDE, with the Dudes Recipe for the lusious Chocolate Kahlua Sauce to pour over the Twinkies, along with other great recipes like The Dudes Cowboy Chili.
   You can get The Dudes Cookbook "GOT ANY KAHLUA" ? on AMAZON where it has been Selling on AMAZON Like Hot-Cakes ever since this Twinkie Kahlua Chocolate Sauce Story Broke.
   Dude says "Abide in The Twinkie" !!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


  Have you ever heard of DeGrezia Restorante on the Upper East Side of New York ... There's a good chance you have probably not. Don't worry, there are a lot of people who have not. Business People
"In-The-Know" in-town and from all over the country and the World have known about and have been going to DeGrezia's for years. Pretty smart people. They know of DeGrezia's "Oustanding Italian Regeional Food" Peasant Ambiance, and Impeccable Service. Degrezia's Scores High Marks with Zagats and just about every publication that writes and reviews restaurants.
  Yes, business people have known about the Great Food and Service and all-around charms of DeGrezia for years. A new group of Clientele have emerged at DeGrezia of Late, that Being "Celbrities" and Degrezia's has recently seen the likes of Regis Philbin, Susan Lucci, Mario Cantone, and other dining on its Wonderful Food and being pampered by Degrezia's Top-Notch Waiters and Captains.
   The Food? Yes, wonderful Veal Dishes like Veal Milanese, Veal Saltimbocca, oustanding Pasta including, Home-Made Raviol, Paparadelle, and The BEST Fettucine Bolognese in Town.

    Check out DeGrezia and find out what the Business and Celebrity Community are Raving all about.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


So You WANT to Make "SUNDAY SAUCE" ?
Well a Great New Book on Just That Hit the Market today. SUNDAY SAUCE "SAUSAGE MEATBALLS & PASTA FAZOOL"  was Released on Amzaon KINDLE today and is Available for KINDLE iPhone iPad and all Androdi Devices and for the rest of October is Available at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY Price of Jusr $2.99 ... This Book is Awesome, and is sure to Please its ITALIAN-AMERICAN Following of Author DANIEL ZWICKE as well as anyone Interested in the Great Subject of Italian-America and ITALIAN FOOD .. And is there possibly anyone out there who isn't? A few i guess but not many.

SUNDAY SAUCE "Sausage Meatballs & Fazool" is Filled with wonderful Stories and recipes of "SUNDAY SAUCE" MEATBALLS "ITALIAN GRAVY" Sausage & Peppers "MEATBALL PARM SANDWICHES" PASTA FAZOOL and more .. All the most important Italian-American Favorites are in Sunday Sauce and its sure to Please. Looks Like SUNDAY SAUCE - Sausage Meatballs & Fazool is going to prove to be the "Hot Food Read of Autumn 2012 ... We at NyFoodie agree! 

Anthony Ragusa

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Keith McNally created the Meatpacking District? Yes Boys and Girls, I've been saying this for years. Never heard anyone else make this statement that I've been saying for the past 10, 11 years or so (remember where you hear this FIRST, Me! Daniel B Z), Keith McNally created the Meatpacking District! Well pretty much to what it is today, the booming, hip neighborhood of Trendy Restaurants, Trendy Designer Boutiques, Clubs, Hip and Cool Boutique Hotels, an Apple Store, The Chelsea Market, this that and every other thing, Keith did it. Well with a little help from Eric Goode and the Maritime Hotel which sprung up around the same time. The Maritme Hotel a Hip and Cool Boutique Hotel created by nightclub empressario Eric Goode of Area, on of New York's coolest and longest lived Night Clubs (I had many a great time there), MK, and The Bowery Bar, Eric is now partner in The Bowery Hotel, The Maritime, and other projects. Yes Eric helped create "The Meatpacking" but it was mostly Keith McNally once he opened the doors of the venerable restaurant Brasserie/ Bistro "Pastis" Even before, as Keith always gets 12 to 18 months advance publicity, once he obtains a space, has a concept and before "Bolt # 1" goes into the place, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Daily News, the Post, Time Out, and the entire restaurant, food, and social press are all over the story, "Keith McNally's Latest Restaurant" (place). 
    I've said it befor, and I'll say it again, "Keith McNally makes neighborhoods. He made two neighborhoods that were previously nondescript, boom, spring trendy restaurants and shops, increase real estate values, and spark "The Cool Set" to move in. Yes he has, first with Tribeca and his opening and huge success of the Odeon way make in the early 80's, and now in the 21st Century, Mr. McNally Created and Made The Meatpacking District of New York Hot, Cool, trendy, the "Place to Be and Be Seen In." The neighborhood is booming. Since McNally opened Pastis way back in 1999, the neighborhood has seen tremendous growth, spawning the Hugely Sucessful "Hignline," The Ganesvoort Hotel, Soho House, The Standard Hotel, an Apple Store, other hot and hip restaurants, Nightclubs, and a slew of expensive designer boutiques like; Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and others, "Everyone wants to be in the Meatpacking District and it's largely due to Keith McNally and his fine French Bistro/Brasserie "Pastis."
    Yes, there were others before Keith, but the neighborhood did not explode until McNally's arrival. Florent was the first great pioneer, way back in 1985, a good 13 years or so before McNally opened Pastis. Florent  Morellet was a wonderful 24 Hour Bistro (Diner)  "Florent" on Ganesvoort. Yes Florent was way ahead of Keith in terms of when they opened their respective restaurants in the Meatpacking District of New York which was just that, New York's Meatpacking District filled with a hundred or so commercial Meat Purveyors. Floent operated for a dozen years or so before any restaurant of great substance moved into the area. Florent was the King of The Meatpacking District and had no competition in terms of any other hip restaurants in the area. Relatively anyway. But the district never boomed under Florent's rule of the district, that happened after Keith Mcnally moved in with the opening of Pastis in 1999. Eventually, after more than 20 wonderful years in operation of "Florent" Florent Morelett lost his lease to another "Greedy Landlord" wanting insanely high over-inflated rates for their properties. The Original King of The Meatpacking District Florent Morelett was booted out. And now Keith. What? Yes, Keith Mcnally and his Bistro Pastis that created the boom of the Meatpacking Distric, The Highline, The Standard and Soho House Hotels, an Apple Store, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney, this man may lose his lease, and New York and the Red-Hot Meatpacking District may lose the man and the place (Pastis) that made the neighborhood. "We may lose Pastis."
   Yes Keith McNally creates Neighborhoods. he makes them boom, and makes them Hip and Cool simply by opening one of his great restaurants in a floundering un-hip hood. Case in point, Mr. Mcnally made Tribeca "hip" with the opening of the ODEON way back in the early 80's with The late great Patrick Clarke at the helm of the Odeon Kitchen (1 of New York's most talented Chefs of All-Time), and Keith McNally made The Meatpacking District what it is today with the opening of "Pastis." What's next Keith?

Daniel Bellino Zwicke