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Monday, December 3, 2012


  The Feast of The 7 Fish, a great new book, just in time for Christmas, and Italian-American Christmas at that. The Feast of The 7 Fish, or as it's know in its birth place of Southern Italy the "Vigilia" The Vigil is the great Italian Christmas Eve Ritual Meal of The 7 Fish that represent The Seven Sacraments of The Roman Catholic Church. Some believe the Seven Fish represent The 7 Days of Creation or The Seven Hills of Rome, but most go by the ethos that The 7 Fish represent The Seven Sacraments. So many Italians have this meal of 7 different fish on Christmas Eve, The Vigil, waiting for the Birth of The Baby Jesus.
    Many would be surprised to know that this great ritual is mostly practiced by Southern Italians and Italian Americans who the great majority are of the South. Well the surprise would come in the fact that many Italians in Italy have never heard of the Vigilia "The Feast of The 7 Fish."  These Italians are from Central Italy on up to the north. It is believed the Vigilia, the meal of The Feast of The 7 Fish was started in and around the great Southern Italian City of Naples (Napoli) and its environs and that its practiced most fervently in-and-around Napoli as well as most of the South including Apulia and Sicily.
   The Feast of The 7 Fish - An Italian-American Christmas Eve Feast by Daniel Bellino Zwicke is a wonderful knew book of this great Southern Italian and Italian-American Tradition. The book is filled with stories and recipes on the feast on a whole and individual dishes, and if you're looking to partake and make this wonderful meal, this book "The Feast of The 7 Fish" is just the ticket. It takes you every step of the way to the Feast and gives you suggestions on making The Feast with 7 different Fish in 7 courses, 7 Fish in 3 courses and various different routes to take, which make the meal simpler or a little more complex, depending on which route" you choose" to take. The book is delightful and a "Must Have" for anyone thinking of making this great meal (The Most Fabulous Christmas Meal in The World), whether it's your first time or you've done it before and are looking for new ideas and angles, Daniel Bellino Zwicke's "The Feast of The 7 Fish" is the ticket for you.

Joseph Cremona