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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

DiFara Pizza Closed over Back Taxes


A Shuttered DiFara Pizza stuns its Loyal Customers

Loyal Patrons Can't Get Their Favorite Pizza as New York State Dept of Taxation Closes our Beloved DiFara Pizzeria for back taxes. But the Great Pizza Maestro Dom DeMarco 's daughter says they'll be back open soon. It is alleged that DiFara Pizzeria owes $164,000 in back taxes, and has a payment plan set up with the NYS Dept of Taxaxtion. The DeMarco Family missed one dam payment and the SOB s at the New York State Department of Taxation closed the best PIZZA joint in NEW YORK.

Dom DeMarco makes another GREAT PIE


Thus The Best Pizza in America



EVEN NEW YORK MAYOR BILL DiBLASO Weighs in on the closing of DiFARA PIZZA ... Mayor de Blasio TWEETED on TWITTER that DiFARA has the BEST PIZZA in NEW YORK CITY and "IT MUST BE SAVED"  Mayor de Blasio said that he is ready to do anything he can to get DiFara Pizza opened again - as are thousands of NEW YORK CITY PIZZA LOVERS ...

See Mayor de Blasio's TWEET below.


de Blasio has stated that DiFARA has The BEST PIZZA in NEW YORK


MAYOR BILL de BLASIO Eating a slice of NY PIZZA


on the Mayor's Support of DiFARA PIZZA in Midwood

I'm usually with Governor Andrew Cuomo on most issues he's involved in, his polcies, and his running the State of New York. Govenor Cuomo is picking a fight with de BLASIO on his support of DiFARA PIZZA and its current problem with the state Taxaion Department and the issue of the DeMarco's family's unpaid taxes of their famous Pizzeria in Brooklyn.

Likd most New Yorkers in the know pizzaiolo Dominic DeMarco and his pizzeria DiFara Pizza is a beloved and cherished institution f New York City, and was shut down the other day for the delinquent taxes. This has outraged DiFara's multitude of fans of Dom DeMarco and his Pizza, of which many feel (as I do) is the BEST PIZZA in the city of New York.

The mayor loves DiFara and their pizza and has said that he wants to do anything he can to help the DeMarco family with their current tax problem, and to get DiFara Pizza opened once again. Thhe mayor never said anything about forgiving the business of their taxes due, but Governor Cuomo has butted in, insinuating that Mayor de Blasio wants to forgive the pizzeria of the taxes due, and that the Mayor doesn't have the authority to do so. The Mayor never said that that's what he wanted to do. He just said e wanted to help, and the people of New York are happy the mayor wants to help the DeMarco family get their pizzeria open again. "Get a Grip Governor, and stop twisting things around just to get i a fight with Mayor de Blasio and be against him. This is not what the people of the city of New York want. We want to see DiFara Pizza open, and as soon as possible. Why you fighting this Andrew? I;m surprised.

"We want DiFara! We want our Pizza!" Get Bent Governor Cuomo.

Dom DeMarco makes another Great Pie

?We want to See this Continue."

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