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Friday, August 1, 2014

Joys of Watermelon Corn & BLT 'S



Summer Time, Watermelom, and Corn? It's a Sweet Time of the year. A time for picnics and barbecues, swimming and baseball. Watermelon and Corn on The Cob too. Oh those sweet days of Summer. You've got Hot Dogs & Burgers on the grill. There's Lemonade and Potato Salad too.
There's Corn boiling away and ready to be soon devoured. Sweet Summer Corn, oh what a treat. You slather on lots of butter, some salt & pepper too, and go to town, swirling it around as you bite in yumm. Ever see those cartoons where a squirl or some animal is eating corn and they make the corn turn so fast and cut into the cob like a buzz saw? Pretty Funny! The corn is good, and I never can forget my Dad and his stories of corn and how my grandfather loved those ears so much. my Dad see he had 14 a one siitng one time. And my dad wanted to do the smae, but I think the most he ever had was 8 .. As for me, just a mere 4 ears was all I can do.
 We got some good home-made potato salad and a nice juicy Burger hot off the grill. I'll put on salt, pepper, a bit of Mustard and Ketchup. Wash it all down with the fresh squeezed Lemonade. It's Summer!
 Now it's time for Watermelon, fresh, crisp, and juicy. Boy does it tast good. Always a special treat. That's how I always remember the watermelon of my youth. It was something special. We didn't have it every day, but when we did? Oh what a treat. Still is to this day.



Yummm !!!!

Such special treats? Fresh Summer Corn and Watermelon. Oh how I love them so. Both of these Babies. As I said, for me, they are always a special treat when I have Watermelon or Corn. And both at the same time? Heaven! And oh so cheap. I remember when watermelon was just  amere .17Cents a poun and you could get 10 Fresh Ears of Jersey Fresh Corn for just a Buck! Yes 1 Dollar for 10 ears. These days, the best you can do is usaully 5 ears for $2 ... Well I guess that's not too bad.

This year, so far I've gotten Watermelon on 3 seperate occasions. Just .59 Cents a pound, on sale. Regularly the supermarket sells it for $1.29 or $1.49 a pound .. I almost never buy something if it's not on Sale .. Like my Jewish friends say, "Never pay full retail." I couldn't agree more. Hey, Tomatoes are at the height of the season and the prices don't look that great. The market where I got the Watermelon had Beefsteak Tomatoes for $2.99 a pound . "No Way!" I'm not paying that. Dam, they're in Season! They shouldn't be more than .99 Cents  . Not even that, 79 Cents would be more like it. Guess I'll have to trek down to Chinatown to get some Beefsteaks at a good price? And when I do. It'll be time for guess what? BLTs !!! My favorite. Love that Bacon! And with nice big ripe and juicy Beefsteak Tomatoes? I'll have a BLT that is beyond compare. Just like last year and the year befor. It's just once a year.
Beefsteaks, Watermelon, and Corn. Oh, life can be good at times. Enjoy!

by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


Look at those TOMATOES !!!

Look at That BACON !!!

Yummm !!!!!