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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Yes folks,sad but true, Joe's Dairy is closing. After 60 years in business, the beloved little Cheese Shop, a.k.a. "Jimmy The Cheeseman's Store" from The Pope of Greenwich Village, will sell their last ball of fresh Home Made Mozzarella (The best in The City) at 6 PM today May, 11 2013, and New York and the Italian Community of South Greenwich Village loses but one more beloved institution.
This is particularly a major blow to we Italian-Americans who lost our much loved Rocco Restorante on Thompson Street in The Village last year. Rocco's, after 90 years in Greenwich Village lost it's lease last year and The Torissi Boys quickly swooped in to open "Carbone," which promised to be a classic Old School Downtown New York Italian Red Sauce Joint like Rocco's was, but with $50 Veal Parmigiano and $52 Veal Marsala on the menu, it just doesn't seem so.
And so my friends we lose another beloved old New York Mom-and-Pop business to greed landlords.  It's a Sin, and we all wish something could be done about this scourge. Bye-Bye Joe's we'll surely miss you there on Sullivan Street, and we're gonna miss New York's Best Mozz. So we're do we go now? I still refuse to set food in that awful, overprice commercial enterprise Eataly, that's for tourist and another type of person I will not mention. Guess I'll have to walk down to DiPalo's. Joe's was only 2 blocks from my house. I'll miss it so.

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Pope of Greewich Village

The Pope of Greenwich Village. A wonderful Movie, and favorite of many, especially if you live in The Village and are Italian-American as I. Mickey Rourke and
Eric Roberts both turned in wonderful performances and this Movie is the Best Loved role for most of their fans. Burt Young was great as "Bed Bug Eddie" and Geraldine Ferrara was magnificient as crooked cop "Bunky's" alcholic Irish Mom. Frank Vincent had a small part. He cut off Paulie's (Eric Roberts) thumb.
"He took my thumb Charlie!!!!! I didn't wanna give up the poor bastard, but it was my Life Man," (Paulie to cousin Charlie) And Tony Musante who was Paulie's Uncle Pete and one of Beg Bug's soldiers.
What ever happened to Tony Musante. He was Great.

P.S. Great Theme Song, "The Summer Wind" sung by none other than the incomparable Frank Sinatra

To see a Great Trailer of "The Pope of Greenwich Village" and Mickey, Eric, and Tony click this Link>>>>>>>