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Friday, April 6, 2012


Yes Bond Fans, it's True. Agent 007 James Bond will be trading in his beloved Trademark Shaken Martini for a Greeny, a bottle of Heineken  ...  Why? Well it  seems as though The Mega Dutch Brewery is throwing a lot of Green Bonds way. Green as in Green Heineken Bottle, Broccoli Money Green, producer Barbara Broccoli is not about to turn her nose up at 45 Million in green. That's 45 Million Dollars that Heineken International is dishing out for Brand placement in The 23rd Edition of James Bond 007 of Skyfall do out November 2012 ... Forty-Five Million Dollars is nothing to sneeze at and will probably cover 1/3 or more of the productions cost of Skyfall. Never the less, this move is sure to piss off many a Bond fan, but in the end Money Talks and Heineken is putting their money where their mouth is.
in other Bond News, the New Bond Girl has just been cast in the form of the beautiful Greek born actress Tonia Sotiropoulou . Tonia is quite happy to be have chosen the New Bond Girl and stated, "This is the happiest Day of My Life," while Bond fans may not feel the same at the loss of The Beloved Martini.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke