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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Have you watched PLANET GREEN TV on Channel 114 in Manhattan. This is a new TV Network dedicated to The GREEN MOVEMENT and being environemently consiencious and Eco Friendly. The content of shows are Wonderful, Very Informative on teaching people how to Go Green.

Adrian Genier the star of "Entourage" has a show whereby they show you how he live his Green Life, building a Green House, Recycling, walking, riding a bike and things like that.

Adrian Grenier's show is very good, there's a show with Steve Thomas formely of "This Old House" that show people how to renovate houses recycling materials and going the Green Way adding Eco Friendly heating units, Hot Water Heaters, using proper insulation and things like that, but by Far the Best Show of All is "Living with Ed" starring Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachel. Ed has to be considered the "Godfather" of the GREEN MOVEMENT. Everbody is jumping on the Band Wagon now, and there is nothing wrong with that, we need as many people as possible, "Save the Planet." Ed Begley has been doing this for 25 or 30 years, way before most others and this show is Talor Made for him. The show is very entertaining watching ED and his wife Rachel TEASING each other and having their disagreements. Ed busts Rachel about not doing enough and Rachel bust ED about doing too much. It's HILARIOUS. Rachel is a Godd Sport and ED is FUNNY as Hell. He's entertaining and informative, and should be an INSPIRATION to all who are getting into GREEN or need help or need to laugh and be Entertained, "WATCH ED" on Living with Ed.

There is a ton of Crap on TV. After paying the RENT every Month, the second most PAINFUL thing is paying the dam Cable TV bill. It's one of the biggest RIPOFFS of all. There's a Buch of Crap on TV. Very little good programing. Cable TV is definately not worth what you have to PAY for it, but unfortanately I can't live without it. Six channels would just not be enough. I just watch a small percentage of the channels on Time Warner Cable. The programing is HORRIBLE other than the Documentary Channels and Time Warner Cable has some of the WORST CUSTOMER SErvICE in the History of the World. They are going to lose TONS of customers and I'm sure there will be a mass exodus away from Time Warner the minute people are given another ALTERNATIVE. WHEN ,WHEN, WHEN will their MONOPOLY End???????

Anyway thank God for Documentaries, Anthony Bourdains "NO RESERBATIONS" and the new and Wonderful "LIVING with ED" with Ed Begley Jr.. "GREAT!!!!!!!!"