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Saturday, March 23, 2013



What is going on people? What has happened to this world, to New York? What has happened to Music, they don't make any today. "No Good Music, nothing but trash for music for the past 15 years or so. What happened to all the Great Pop, Rock, and R&B Music they "Used to Make." Why did they stop making great music and decide to create Shit like they make today, what they so wrongfully call music. It's just a bunch of "Rap Crap" and other types of Garbage Noise that many "Think" is music.
    When did people start paying for Television, so much anyway. It's ridiculous. I know a guy who is paying over $300 dollars for his internet and Cable TV. I told him that that was ridiculous and absurd. I told him, do you realize that you're going to pay $33,000 in ten years time for your internet and TV ... He was stunned. He never thought about it. I do. I'm pretty good at math and great at making calculations of monthly bills and what a Cel Phone, internet, Cable TV, and rent will cost you a Year, 5 Year, and 10 Years. This guy never did that. He just thought in terms of 1 month, not what it cost in 5 or 10 years time. And when I told him the 10 year cost which I figure out in my head in about 10 seconds. He was stunned! As for me, I "Cut The Cable" 2 1/2 years ago. I've saved $2,500 since than, and that will double to $5,000 in 2-and-half more years. But that's not the end of it. At the same time, I changed my 
Cel Phone service and save $300 a year, so in this five years time I will have saved $6,500 by cutting the cable which I hated and got tired of paying that absurdly high bill. And mine was just $135 a month, not $33o .. Hold on now. That's not the end. I just signed a new Hot Spot Internet deal which will save me$200 a year, so by the time the 5 years rolls around, I will have save $7,000 ... Yes $7,000 ... And I do save it ...

And now, to this other insane matter, and absurd thing that has happened and people just except it. The insane practice of Overpriced Cocktails ... When did this happen? Well I can sort of pin point it. It was a few years ago. Well about 10 or 12 years already I guess. Dam, "time Flies." It was when people started opening hipper cocktail lounges and Bartenders really started experimenting, reading and researching old Bar Books, making great old drinks, obscure ones, and creating new ones. This was good, all except for one bad aspect, and a travesty to the spirit of good drinking. And that is, I'm sure you can guess by now, the insane practice of charging $16.00 or more for cocktails that are gone in about 3 sips. This is insane. And sadly now it is th norm in many places around New York, Bars, Cocktail Lounges, and restaurants, the insane, thoughtless, inconsiderate, and greedy practice of $16.00 and up cocktails. Hey, even $14.00 cocktails is insane and grossly overpriced. What's a person to do. Don't go you say. Yeah, that would be good, well if we had more of a choice, but it seems like 85% or more of the drinking establishments in New York have the inflated overpriced cocktails and beers. Yes, beer too. With $8, 9, and even $10 Beers. So if you were in a place that had $8 beers, and you wanted to have 3, it would cost you almost $30 for 3 measly beers, with tip. And forget about 3 Cocktails made by the so-called Mixologist. You're talking $55 to $60 for 3 friggin drinks. You gotta agree friends, "That's Insane."

    Many people are out of work, and many who are working, are taking home Half-as-Much Money or more of what they used to make. People have had to buckle down and give up or curb many things they enjoyed previous to the current state of our economy, which is in almost a Depression Era State.
     Yes, everybody says that we are not in a Depression, we're in a recession. Those are the Rich and Well-Off, The 1%-ers  talking. To many, the state of our Union and their feelings are of Depression.
   So the practice of overpriced $16 drinks at many of New York's Cocktail Lounges, bars, and restaurants is a ridiculous crushing blow that knocks socializing out of whack. You should be able to have 2 beers for about $10 including tip, and about $16 for tow drinks including tip. That's reasonable. That's what most people pay around America, and even less. But we don't live in America, we live in the greatest City in The World, New York, and Cocktails and Beers here can be oh-so-dear. "Expensive!" Expensive as Hell, "Ridiculously Expensive." It's absurd and outrageous, with many places thinking it's normal and OK to charge $16.00 or more for a measly little Cocktail made by a friggin so-called "Mixoligist." Ha! It's not OK, what's a person to do?
So yes, we live in New York, and having a couple cocktails here can be a costly undertaking.. What is a Poor Working Guy or Working Girl to do???
   Yes. you could choose not to go to these places. But there's another point. You should be able to go. You shouldn't be cut out because your not a 1%-er, that you don't make an upseen amount of money, that you make an average salary (or less) and these places should be affordable to someone making an average weekly income, but you can't. Why? "Fuckin ^16 Cocktails" that's why! Grossly insane "Over-Priced Cocktails" that only the Rich can really afford, or someone who's dumb enough to "throw away their money" and live above their means. Yes, they could buy the drink, they have the money, but anyone making $50,000 a year or less, really these $16 drinks are above your means. You could actually buy them, but it doesn't make sense. You should not spend $55 to $60 on 3 measly "Over-Contrived Overpriced Mixologists Concoction," it's Ludicrous! Are you dumb? I hope not. Many people are, the kind of people who will pay a $300 plus internet Cable Bill and throw away $30,000, for something you can get free, or if not free, far less than $30,000 .... Now that's Dumb!!!! And that's why businesses take advantage of people. They're Dumb ....