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Best Italian Cookbooks Christmas Gifts 2023 24


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Sunday Sauce

Daniel Bellino Zwicle

New York, October 12th 2023

We searched Google today (October 12, 2023) for Best New Italian Cookbooks, and this is what came up. Number 1 at the Top of The List pf Best Italian Cookbooks is SUNDAY SAUCE by New York Italian-American author Daniel Bellino Zwicke. We have a couple more New Yorkers in the # 2 spot Best Italian Cookbooks with STATEN ITALY by Italian-American cousins Sal Basille, and Francis Garcia of Staten Island, New York.

In the # 3 spot is The Vespers Trial Italian Cookbook by Dominic Vesper and Thomas Vesper.

Two experts teach you how to "really cook" – in the kitchen and the courtroom. Follow Tom Vesper and cousin Dom in The Vespers' Trial Cookbook as they take you on a fun-filled, fact-filled, food-filled, instruction-filled journey to prove the unlikely axiom that good cooks and good trial lawyers share the same skills. All the while giving civil trial lawyers tips for success – from Dom in the kitchen and Tom in the courtroom.


Fabrizia Lanza

In the 4th spot # 4 is The FOOD of SICILY by Fabrizia Lanza.

In this all-new cookbook from Fabrizia Lanza, one of the world’s greatest food cultures is distilled in 75 recipes for the home cook, plus a loving tribute to its ingredients, passions, influences, and history
Tucked away on an estate in the countryside south of Palermo is the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School, a unique center dedicated to preserving and sharing the great food culture of Sicily. The spirit of the school, now run by Fabrizia Lanza, the founder’s daughter and scion of a renowned family of winemakers that goes back generations, is what makes Lanza’s The Food of Sicily such a singular cookbook—not just a collection of recipes and techniques, but a vibrant and beautifully photographed profile of the land, the people, the history, and so much more.

# 5 BEST - ITALY by INGREDIENT by Viola Buitoni and Molly DeCoudreaux

A fresh approach to Italian cuisine through its most iconic ingredients, presented by Italian-born cooking instructor Viola Buitoni.

From glossy drops of balsamic vinegar to flakes of 
parmigiano reggiano and spoonfuls of fresh ricotta to creamy grains of risotto—the ingredients of Italian cuisine are beloved staples known the world over, available in specialty stores and served in restaurants across the globe. As a native Roman raised in the Umbrian countryside, Viola Buitoni grew up with these artisanal foods, learning about how they developed from centuries-old wisdom, tight-knit communities, and sustainable production. Now a US-based cooking instructor, Buitoni’s passion is sharing the beloved flavors of her homeland with home cooks.


We did another search and these books popped up. 
SUNDAY SAUCE was still in there at # 1 & The Top Spot - Best Italian Cookbooks, with The Vespers Trial Cookbook Italiano Rustica , this time at # 2 instead of 3, with STATTEN ITALY by the two Italian-American cousins Sal & Frncis from Staten Island moving from 2 to the # 3 spot. Still good, and in the top 3.

On this search of BEST ITALIAN COOKBOOKS, The RAGU BOLOGNESE COOKBOOK by Daniel Bellino Zwicke popped up in the # 4 spot Best Italian Cookbooks - Google Search of BEST ITALIAN COOKBOOKS.

Well, these are all good cookbooks, and if you're doing your 2024 Christmas Shopping early or not, we'd recommend any of these fine Italian Cookbooks, escpecially Sunday Sauce at the # 1 Top Spot, will really apeal to all American home cooks, who love cooking Italian, "You can't gowrong."

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