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Fire at PJ Clarkes New York NYC




by Bellino

NEW YORK - August 28, 2022  "Fire at PJ Clarke's "

Yes there was a fire at PJ Clarke's, the famed Old New York Bar and eatery on 3rd Avenue at East 55th Street.

The good news is that nonone was hurt, and there was very little damage. If PJ Clarke's had burned down, this would have been very devestating news for those of us who truly love this wonderfule Old New York Institution, and would be crushed if it was gone, and we'd be unable to go there any longer.

Though PL Clarke's has lost much of its charm in the past few years, when many more people than is usual have discover the place, and it has become overly crowded, in comparison to years past, when yoy would go in the back room, and it was not overly packed with way too many people. It was much more enjoyable.  Anyway, Thank God it is still there, we can see it, and go there, hopefully when it is not overly crowded, in which case the great vibe of the place is ruined, ever since the actor Timothy Hutton became a partner. My advice, is not to go for dinner when it gets way too crowded for comfort. Go for lunch, and sit in the back room, order a Burger and your beverage of choice, and relax.

Note :  Yes PJ Clarke's was the late great Frank Sinatra's favorite bar. Whenever in New York Frank would stop in. The great songwriter Johnny Mercer was a frequent patron of the establishment, and even wrote a song of which PJ Clarke's is the inspiration and setting of the song. The son is One For My Baby, and is one of Frank Sinatra's all-time greates saloon songs, as Frank woulds say, "Est em up Joe."

Jackie Kennedy was a fan of PJ Clarke's and often brought her two children Joh F. Kennedy Jr., and Caroline Kennedy there for the famosu PJ Clarke Burgers. Yes, many celebrites have eaten at PJ Clarke's pver the years, including the great singer Nat King Cole who called the burger at PJ Clarke's, "The Caddillac of Burgers."


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