Thursday, August 23, 2018

It's BLT TIME !!!


A Nice BLT

"It's That Time of The Year"


Yes it' BLT time. BLT Season. August and September is the time of the year, and the only time I eat BLT Sandwiches, and usually just at home and ones that I make personally for myself. I usually don't trust others to make me a BLT. Why? That's easy. not many people can make one better than me. Well, not in most diners or lunchenettes or other restuarants, it's sad but most make a crappy BLT with colc toast, crappy tomatoes and horrible overcooked bacon that has been sitting around for hours. "Not for me." The BLT is a Thing of Beauty, and should be treated as such, and when made right, it's one of the World's Great Sandwiches. And it's got to be made with, first and foremost nice Ripe Juicy in Season Tomatoes, with good quality Bacon that's cooked crispy, but not overdone, you need nice fresh Crispy Lettuce, and toast that's hot and made of good quality bread that's toasted after all your other ingredients are ready. And the toasted bread should be slathered with good quality Mayonaise like Hellman's . Make sure to season your tomatoes with good quality Salt and you're all set. Don't settle for less.

Look at thse TOMATOES

If you don't have Tomatoes like these?

Your BLT won't be Good

The bread should be white and toasted; Pullman or packaged sandwich loaf works best. This kind of bread has a soft, tight crumb that will soak up some of the tomato's juices, and toasting it helps prevent it from becoming overly sodden. The bacon must be smoked, to adequately offset the tomatoes' sweetness. I like a medium-thick cut, and I take care as I cook to avoid a result that's desiccated or leathery; the latter impedes biting through the sandwich's layers with ease and tasting all the ingredients in each mouthful. Crisp Iceberg  or Bibb Lettuce lends the right note of freshness, and the tomatoes should be absolutely ripe and sweet. Mayonnaise is not optional; its creaminess tempers the tomatoes' acidity. Cut your Sandwich into Triangles andd you're all set.

Enjoy !

Learn How to Make





Ingredients :

1/2 pound BACON
8 Slices White Bread
Fresh Iceberg or Bibb Lettuce
8 slices Fresh "RIPE" in Season Tomatoes
Real Mayonaise

  1. Cook bacon until crispy, then drain on paper towels.
  2. Toast the 8 slices of bread.
  3. Spread 1 tablespoon mayo on each slice of toasted bread. (More or less, to taste).
  4. Add 1 slice of lettuce to 4 pieces of mayo-spreaded toast.
  5. Sprinkle Tomatoes with Salt and add 2 slices of tomato on top of lettuce.
  6. Arrange 3 slices of bacon evenly on top of tomato. (Break bacon slices in half to fit, if needed.).
  7. Add 1 slice of lettuce on top of bacon.
  8. Put the remaining 4 pieces of mayo-spreaded toast on top to finish the sandwiches.
  9. Enjoy!


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