Tuesday, March 6, 2018



  HOT COFFEE .......................

  Hot Coffee I Love thee So
  Do You Love Me?
It matters not
  My love for thee, is the unrequited
  Whether You love me or not
  Still thee do I Love

  You're warm You're Hot

  I love it hot

  You taste Oh so Good

  I need you whether or not 

you need me

  Still, you're always there

  for me Each and every day

each morning of my life

  you're there

  and I have thee whether or not you want me

  Your'e Hot

  then warm then cold but you're always there
  I have you two or three times a day

  I have you sometimes more

  You comfort me 
you're always there

  You're coffee

  sometimes Sweet

  sometimes not

  you can be bitter at times

  but I love when you're Hot!
  Hot, just for me

  Thanks for the Comfort, the taste

  your consistency

  You're Coffee

a  Poem by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


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