Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mamoun's Falafel Combo

I've been going to Mamoun's, "New York's Best Falafel"  for a number of years now. The pace is amazing. It's a New York and Greenwich Village Institution. It's famous. I've always just got the Falafel and nothing else. Why? It's the most famous. Anyway I was in the mood for Babba Ganoush, but I wanted Falafel too. I never relieved they actually sell combos. I asked for and got one, just $3.50, plus I threw .50 cents in the box for the guys.
Took it home to eat with some fresh OJ . Let me tell, it was dam good, the falafels good as ever, but with the added taste of smokey flavored eggplant, "Dam." It was good. Hit the spot, and at $3.50, the price just can't be beat.

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