Thursday, March 28, 2013


Carbone gets mixed reviews from Hugh Merwin, Grub Street and a coupled Italian Grandmothers ... Wow, that's a new tactic. And as the fourth-wheel in the equation Christopher Bonanos stated,"The Ladies Dined, then Took The Place Out."  Well sort of. Overall it seemed as though these two Grandmothers weren't that crazy about Carbone, but did not totally trash it, as many readers have, and the internet is filled with both disdain and adulation for the team of Carbone and Torrisi, depending on who you talk to. Some love and adore these guys and what they do, while many have nothing but disdain for them, as most of the readers comments bare out in the Grub Street piece "Night of Nonnas" Two Italian Grandmothers Review Carbone." The readers comments are pretty negative as concerns Carbone, with people complaining about the
 "HIGH-PRICED VEAL PARM at $52.00"  One comment said, "Go to Dominicks on Arthur Avenue," another said "Carbone was a big dissapointment," One person Dittoed that, while another reader said, "If you want great Old-School Italian Food (the kind Carbone is said to be aiming at)  At Reasonable Prices, Go to Monte's around the block on Macdougal Street."
Well, it seems to me, if you are trying to evoke a great ol Old-School New York Italian Restaurant of 1950's as these guys have promoted as thier Mission Statement, "You Don't Charge $52.00 for Veal Parmigiano,  $52.00  for Veal Marsala, nor $33.00 for Chicken Scarpariello." 
"It's Chicken fellas!"
Well the two Italian grandmothers Fran and Annebeth didn't like the Ravioli al Caruso, Annebeth said it tasted like a Chicken Liver Pierogi. They liked the Caesar Salad, and the Cheese "Parmigiano Reggiano" which they said was the best thing. They liked the Black Bowties with Lobster . The ladies said they liked the decor, but overall did not like the food, and siad that's what you want most in a good meal, good food.
 So it looks as though Carbone and Torrisi have some hurdles to overcome and time will tell if they do. Their first two restaurants have both been going with major success and most people love them, though it seems as though Carbone is not off to the flying start that Torrisi Italian Specialties and "Parm." have both seen, I for one wish these guys good look, and I think they'll make it. But I do think they do have to get real with the prices, and forget about $52 and  $33 Chicken dishes. That is, if Carbone and Torrisi want "Carbone" to be as they say, an Old-School 1950's style Downtown new York Italian Restaurant and not Expensive-Luxury like Cipriani, 
Del Posto, or that over-rated rip-off joint IL Mulino.

                Vincent Motta

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