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The New York Food and Wine Blog is dedicated to the World of Food and Wine as it revolves at The Center of the World which is in the r

Without a doubt, the Best Thai Food to be had in the City of New York is not in Manhattan, but in the Borough of Queens, Woodside Queens to be exact at Sri
This assessment comes on authorative hands

Where do you think the best “Pizza” in “New York” comes from? This is a topic for Great Debate. Fights have been fought over it. Well as far as which borough has the thee best pizza place in all of New York, there are two Borough that are not in the running and three that are.

Some feel that Di Farra in Queens has thee best pizza in New York hands down. Others my fight, and I’d be in this group that thee # 1, Best Pizza Spot in all of New York is, “Without a Doubt,” Tottono’s on Neptune Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

Now we come to Manhattan, the Borough that has the greatest number of renowned Pizza Parlors of which any one could be considered in the running as New York’s Best, “Pizza!” The Pizza Parlors in question are Patsy’s up in Harlem, John’s on Bleecker Street down in Greenwich Village, Pizza Fresca, the relatively newcomers (about 12 years) in the Flatiron section of Manhattan, and the oldest and “FIRST” Pizzeria in the United States down on Spring Street, the legendary “Lombardi’s.”
All these places make “Great Pizza.” The best Pizza in the whole entire United States, what they call Pizza in Chicago is an abomination. Doesn’t count. It’s not real Pizza, Deep Dish ---za. It’s something else, but what it is not is Pizza.

New York makes some of the Greatest in the World. Only in Italy can they make it better, and these aforementioned places; Tottono’s, John’s, Lombardi’s, and Patsy’s can hold their own with any in Italy, even in Napoli.

Well, “I got off on a tangent there.” Hey mention Pizza, and which place is the “BEST” Pizza Parlors in New York and that’s likely to happen.
Now, back to the Mission Statement of this Blog. It is about New York, New Yorkers and the food they eat, the beer, wine, and cocktails they drink, the food and wine they buy, where they buy it; at the local butcher shop, grocery store, Pork Store, wherever and whoever these places may be, the must have or make thee best quality products. That is what this Blog is all about; who has, makes, and or serves the best food or food products in New York, which restaurants, food stands and stalls and shops have great products.
Which restaurants have great Italian, French, Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese foods, any and all cuisines of the World. They are all here in the Great Melting Pot that is New York City. And that is what makes this city so great. Yes we have beautiful and majestic Skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the most Beautiful in the World, The Art Deco “Chrysler Building.” What a marvel. We have in New York The Statue of Liberty and the Worlds greatest Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We have the Worlds coolest City Park in the form of Central Park. We have many great and wonderful things that make new York so wonderful and the center of the World, but it is the melting pot of people that make this city and any city that is a great melting pot so great. The people of New York who come from every corner, every country of the Globe, and they bring their
Culture, their fashion, the customs, and most of all as concerns us and our readers at The
New York Food and Wine Blog, their food, the cuisines of India, China, Japan, France, Italy, Poland, and on-and-on.

We will explore. We will explore and talk, write, read, and eat these cuisines. And we will report on which restaurants are good and worth checking out, and which are not.

Where do you get the a good Cannoli, who bakes great bread and where do you get the best Italian Pastries.

What places are the hot spots for cocktails and who makes the best Mojito in town. All these things will be part of our exploration. Come and make discoveries with us.

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