Another unfortunate accident in New Orleans. The Hubig Pie bakery was destroyed by a fire last week. Hubig's Pies have been a beloved mainstay in New Orleans ever since there inception way back in the 1920's of the last century. Yes there is a good amount of history there. OK they may have not been a immediate institutional mainstay at first, but in time they did, for you can find these lovely little packaged treats in just about every little grocery store and many Po-Boy Shops all over New Orleans and throughout southern Louisiana. 
      These little pies are fried and Sugar Glazed, filled with apple, cherry, pineapple, and Chocolate. The Hubig Pie is half moon shaped flaky crust that is made with lard. In the fall, Hubig's makes pies filled with fresh Louisiana Yams. They're always a big hit. Yes, you find Hubig's Pies all over the big Easy and Louisiana the same as we New Yorkers would find the similar Hostess Pies in many a grocery store in the Tri-State area growing up. Only difference the Hubig Pie is far more beloved in New Orleans than the Hostess Fruit Pies were ever loved here. Company heads say they will rebuild and will be back once again. Right now and for an undetermined time there will be many sad new Orlineans and Louisiana folk unable to pick upa fix of a Hubig's Chocolate or Apple Pie whenever they might have a hankering. They will miss seeing them at every little convenience store and many gas stations between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and all over the great state of LA.                                                                                 The Hubig Pie Co. has gone through some rough times in the past 8 years or so, with Hurrican Katrina doing damage shutting the company done and now the disaster of this fire that has destroyed the bakery for who knows how long.
      We send out prayers for Hubig's, and hope they will be back soon, stocking every supermarket, gas station and grocery stores with there beloved little Half-Moon Sugar Glazed Chocolate and Fruit Pies. Bet those New Orlineans just can't wait.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke