Friday, August 23, 2013


Clemenza's Meatball Sunday Sauce
by Daniel B. Bellino

Clemenza's Meatball Sunday Sauce. Wow, How is That for a Mouthful. A long awaited book and recipes of Godfather Caporegime Peter Clemenza is almost Here. Cookbook author Daniel B. Bellino (aka daniel Bellino-Zwicke) is about to release has latest, "Clemenza's Meatball Sunday Sauce, filled with wonderful stories of Italian and Italian-American Food, movies, Mobsters and more. Yes, the long awaited recipe of Fat Clemenza's Godfther Mob War Sunday Sauce, "Some Call it Gravy."
Daniel doesn't let us down with this one, as usual with his signature style on the history and current events of Italian-American New Yorkers, their Food, the people, their habits, and wonderful rituals of the Italian-American Table and Kitchen. It's all here, including; great recipes for 3 wonderful Sunday Sauce Gravys, Meatballs, Pasta Fazool, Goodfellas Veal & Peppers, Mussels Marinara, and even the never before publish Gino's Secret Sauce (Salsa Segreta)
And as a Celebration of Mr. Bellino's latest book, it will be released for a limited time only and to the first 5,000 people to gab it, at the insane bargain price of just .99 Cents on Amazon and only on Amazon Kindle ... They say the Secret Sauce Recipe alone should be selling for $100 a pop, but Daniel, as a gift of gratitude to those who have been supporting him, and to get the word out to new friends is offering "Clemenza's Meatball Sunday Sauce," for less than a Buck. "We love it and think that's great." So check it out, it's quite the wonderful read.

Article by Anthony Roma

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TripAdvisor Great Pizza Debacle


TripAdvisor makes a major Faux Pas when with their Top 10 Pizza Cities of U.S.  The Faux Pas, TripAdvisor puts the "Undisputed Raining King of American Pizza 4th" and as if they are even more out of their minds rank San Diego # 1, Las Vegas # 2, Boston # 3, and The Champ New York # 4  ... It doesn't take much of a Genius to realize that this is one of the 21st Centuries biggest Media Blunders of all. So bad in fact, "It's a Joke," an absurdity that is beyond belief and has "Seriously Hurt TripAdvisor" and given them a major Credibility Issue.  A business that is built on credibility and giving "Advise" as per their "Name," TripAdvisor is in TROUBLE ..
Below:  "THIS IS INSANITY" !!!
The Top 10 Cities for Pizza, as determined by TripAdvisor:
  1. San Diego, California
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Boston, Massachusetts
  4. New York City, New York
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Austin, Texas
  7. San Francisco, California
  8. Indianapolis, Indiana
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Phoenix, Arizona
At issue here is not whether San Diego, Boston, and Las Vegas has better Pizza then New York and that they have bragging rights. "Hell No!" They don't, anyone in their "Right-Mind" knows that no city can touch New York in their superiority as far as Pizza is concerned, New York is America's undisputed Champ, we have some of the Best Pizza on Eart, and this include Italy. The only city that comes close to New York is New Haven, Connecticut, but even as great as New Haven and the towns pizza is, they are a distant second to New York, Chicago? Fougettabout IT! Chicago, that "Deep Dish Stuff" That's NOT Pizza, it's Deep Dish something, not Pizza. The balance is completely off to be called "real pizza."
The issue here, with TripAdvisor's Major Foul-Up  is when you go to Tripadvisor for "Advise" on Hotels, Restaurants, and other travel related questions to determine what is the best, and for accurate descriptions, opinions, and ratings, "Is Tripadvisor accurrate and reliable? The answer is, "Sometimes," just be careful and look to others like Yelp and articles and other info on places you are seeking accurate info and advice about. Don't solely count on TripAdvisor. This "Pizza Debacle" is a major "blunder" and one that will take Tripadvisor a good long time to recover from.
Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where Has The Sandwich Nazi Gone?

ALIDORO on Sullivan Street Soho
Formerly "MELEMPO" and Home of Alessandro
The Panini Nazi
aka Sandwich Nazi
Where has The Panini Nazi Gone? This is a question, some of the age of 35 and over in New York's Southern Greenwich Village and Soho might ask. Others too, in other New York neighborhoods who made it over to a great little sandwich shop called Melampo. Melemapo is now diseased  No longer in business. The owner, one Alessandro Gualandi, also-known-as "The Panni Nazi" ran his little sandwich shop on Sullivan Street between Spring and Prince Streets in what is now known as Soho, but for me and many "like" me, this is still known as The Village. Alessandro came to New York from Florence Italy. He used to work as a waiter at the famed Florentine Restaurant in New York "Da Silvano" owned by fellow Florentine Silvano Marchetto .. Alessandro was a hard worker who established himself in New York, saved up some money, then opened his own little heaven, one Melampo Sandwich Shop in South Greenwich Village (Soho) New York ...
Alessandro was a passionate man, especially about food as any self-respecting Italian would be. He created his little shop of Hand-Crafted Italian Sandwiches (Panini) .. He made a menu, whereby all the Panini had their own names. Names like; Geppetto, Julia, and such. I can't really remember all the names. The thing is, Alessandro had rules, and you better abide by them. He was an artist after all. You ordered a Panino (Sandwich) by name, and that was it. What it said on the menu describing the sandwich and the ingredients in any particular one was what you got. If the name was Marcello (named for the late great Italian actor Marcello Mastrianni) and the menu said the sandwich was made of Prosciutto, Mortadella, and Provolone, then that's what you got. You couldn't ask Alessandro to leave something off or add something to a particular sandwich. He would not have it. He was a temperamental artist, and you're not going to ruin the balance of one of his masterful creations by altering it. If you, din't like it you could leave, "and believe Me many did." Alessandro could care less, he was an artist. Thus the moniker "Panini Nazi" there was no other. And not everyone knew his name, real or nickname.
Alessandro was a character yes, and many (including myself) loved that about him. Alessandro is still alive. He's retired. I seeing walking the streets of Soho and going for his morning coffee.
Alessandro and his little sandwich shop "Melampo" became famous. he made great sandwiches and sometimes the line would go out the door. And if you were in line, don't make any comments for Alessandro to hurry up, he took his time. He was an artist, a master sandwich maker, and you better not say anything to upset him.
Yes we miss him, Alessandro and his little sandwich shop Melampo. the shop is still there. It's now called Alidoro and run by someone else. It's much the same, they make good sandwiches, but Alessandro is gone, and so are all the "Rules" and quirkiness. We miss that ...
Daniel Bellino-Zwicke
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.55.55 PM
No Known Pictures Are Known of
Alessandro The PNANI NAZI

Friday, August 9, 2013

America's Greatest Cafe !!! Cafe du Monde

America's Greatest Cafe? What and where is it? Where? First thoughts might run to the culinary capital of America, New York .. You'd be wrong. Though we have many fine cafes in New York and probably the city with more great cafes than most of America, when it comes to AMerica's number 1, single best, undisputed champ, America's Greatest Cafe, one stands alone, with whoever number two is, it's a distant second, America's Greatest Cafe is without a doubt Cafe Du Monde in The French Quarter of New Orleans .. Wow, was that a mouthful or what ..
Cafe du Monde is America's best cafe on two fronts. Number one being that they serve this World's Best Beignets (French Donuts "No Hole"), and the World's Best Chicory Coffee "Cafe au Lait" ... Second the ambiance and physical of the place is wonderful. Number 3, the customers, the people and amount of people that go there, and that just about everyone who goes there (about 99%) makes at least one stop at Cafe du Monde on their trip ..  There are no statistics on it, but I'm pretty sure that more people have had coffee at Cafe du Monde than any other Cafe in the World, including cafes that are older .. Speaking of old as far as cafes or any restaurant or any business goes, Cafe du Monde has been around serving happy customers Cafe Lait and Beignets for more than 150 years .. They have been in continuous operation since 1862 ... And there serve thousands of people each and every day 365 days a year, year-after-year ... There is no restaurant that comes close in raw numbers ... They serve about 35,000 people a week, or 1 Million + 638,000 people a year ..
But, the fact that Cafe Du Monde is thee number 1 place that everyone, whether tourists or locals has to go to ... I love Napoleon House, Galatoire's, and Tujague's but great as they are, not everyone goes to them. "Everyone goes to Cafe Du Monde." It's a meeting place where you get a tasty cup of Cafe au Lait and 3 Beignets for a mere $4.50 ... You will see everyone there, and you always have a great time. Cafe Du Monde, one of the World's greatest and without a doubt AMerica's Greatest Cafe ..

Coffee and Beignets

Article by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

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